Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Portraits

This weekend we completed #44: Have a Sain family portrait taken. This was no easy task. There were almost twenty of us there including my two little ones and our three week old niece. We went on Saturday to have the pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. Our trusted & favorite photographer Holly took the pictures and then we all left to go on with the day and return later to view the portraits. When we returned we were informed that none of the pictures had turned out because the digital card had been corrupted.
Anything worth doing is worth doing twice! So we managed to get EVERYONE back together again on Sunday, through the pouring rain, to take another set of pictures. As luck would have it Hannah had busted her lip during a nasty fall at church that morning but you can't see it in the pictures too much. The pictures turned out great! Here are a few:

Susan and her family

The entire Hannigan Family

Susan and her girls

Susan and her boys

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