Friday, September 11, 2009

101 in 1001

Ok folks, I did it! I have made my list. I got this idea from a friend and the Internet and I am so excited to get started. This is a list of 101 things I would like to get done in the next 1001 days. This list has taken considerable time and thought to complete. Many of the items are challenging but I believe I will grow and be stretched through this process. So here is too the next 1001 days and to making every one of them count!

Start Date: September 12,2009

End Date: June 9, 2012

Jen's 101 List:

001. Go on Grand Canyon vacation with the Richards
002. Go on a romantic vacation with Chris
003. Go to Disney World
004. Go hiking in Big Bend
005. Use my passport at least once
006. Visit five Texas cities I have not been to (0/5)
007. Take a road trip
008. Go visit Allan & Becky
009. Go camping
010. Go to a Broadway show
011. Go geocaching at least 3 times (0/3)
012. Go on a hot air balloon ride

013. Attend Love and Logic Seminar
014. Edit and Compose videos for the kids
015. Create chore lists for the kids
016. Teach Hannah to sew
017. Send Hannah to kindergarten
018. Send Caleb to preschool
019. Complete Caleb’s stocking
020. Write letters to the kids on their birthdays
021. Sew a dress for Hannah
022. Complete six service projects with the kids (0/6)
023. Caleb potty-trained

024. Run a 5K
025. Lose 35 pounds
026. Learn to swim properly
027. Workout regularly
028. Increase my flexibility
029. Get a physical yearly (0/3)
030. Work with personal trainer
031. Give blood
032. Visit dentist every 6 months (0/5)

033. Chris to be self-employed
034. Create a budget and stick to it
035. Save 10% of income
036. Use coupons
037. Pay off Chris’s car
038. Start college savings accounts for the kids

039. Learn to drive a stick shift
040. Go to five museums (0/5)
041. Read the bible in its entirety
042. Read 15 books
043. Be involved in women’s bible study

Friends and Family
044. Get Sain family portrait taken
045. Get Mills family portrait taken
046. Host Thanksgiving for the Allen family
047. Send 30 “Thinking of you” or Birthday cards
048. Make a new friend
049. Have new friend and family over for dinner
050. Have Wes over for dinner
051. Host board game/domino night

Food & Drink
052. Try ten new foods I have not tried before (0/10)
053. Try one new recipe a month (0/33)
054. Go to a wine tasting
055. Go to Grapefest
056. Make homemade ice cream
057. Avoid fast food for an entire month
058. Make homemade muffins
059. Bake a homemade pie from scratch including crust
060. Successfully make Aunt Evie’s chicken & dumplings
061. Shop at farmer’s market

Around the House
062. Paint master bedroom
063. Get new bedding for master bedroom
064. Redo flooring living area
065. Redo flooring in kitchen
066. Paint kitchen
067. Stick to cleaning schedule
068. Keep up to date with the kids photo albums
069. Go back and label Hannah’s albums
070. Install programmable thermostat downstairs
071. Get new kitchen towels
072. Buy one new piece of furniture
073. Make valances for the playroom
074. Put together the kids’ playset
075. Replace blinds in master bath
076. Make shower curtain for master bath
077. Have the outside of the windows cleaned
078. Plant a small garden & eat the produce
079. Clean out master closet and donate unused clothing

Fun & Games
080. Complete 5000 piece puzzle
081. Take a dance class
082. Take a cooking class
083. Fly a kite
084. Go to a UT football game
085. Watch Bollywood film
086. Ride on a motorcycle
087. Host Memorial Day cookout
088. Ride the Grapevine Vintage RR
089. Take the kids on the Polar Express train
090. Post on my blog at least 2 times a month (0/66)
091. Start my Christmas stocking
092. Shoot a gun
093. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day
094. Go to the Stock show

Just for ME!
095. Get 3 massages (0/3)
096. Get a facial
097. Get 10 pedicures (0/10)
098. Get laser hair removal
099. Buy a new purse
100. Take pictures and blog about completed goals (0/101)
101. Complete 101 in 1001

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed with just your list! Good for you ... good luck checking off #101!